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Client Testimonials

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"Jodie was an indispensable part of our birth team. I was hoping for a VBAC, and Jodie was armed with the latest ACOG guidelines, literature, and statistics for VBAC births. As a physician, I lean heavily on traditional western medicine and science, and Jodie found all the evidence I needed to feel empowered when talking to my physicians. I had some birth trauma with our daughter's birth (emergency c-section after 26 hours of tough labor), and I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to let that go and focus on this pregnancy and delivery experience. Jodie was so genuinely caring and understanding, I instantly felt comfortable talking with her about all of my anxieties and fears. From our initial meeting, my husband and I definitely felt a strong connection with her, which made having her a part of such an important and intimate part of our lives an easy choice. When I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 39w and needed to be induced, I called Jodie to tell her what was happening. She knew I was scared and anxious and knew exactly what to say to calm me down. When she arrived at the hospital, she immediately got into a groove with my labor and helped me move through the contractions. She and my husband were a great team, and my husband really appreciated her presence and help. When I was going through transition, Jodie was right there, looking into my eyes, helping me move through the contractions, and keeping me calm and focused. Whether it was picking just the right background music, applying cool compresses, or even just reminding me to stay hydrated, Jodie knew what I needed before I did. This birth was so healing for me, and I couldn't have done it without Jodie's help. Even after the delivery, Jodie has continued to be a huge support for me. I suffer with depression and anxiety that have intensified in the postpartum period, and Jodie has been checking in and making sure I am doing ok. She is caring, knowledgeable, genuine, and kind. Not only is she an amazing doula, she is an incredible person and friend. If you need a doula, and I think everyone does, you need Jodie by your side. Trust me on this one."

-Alison (second baby, vaginal birth after cesarean)

birth attended by doula at St. Joseph's medical center in Reading

"I would highly recommended Jodie to anyone looking for a doula. She has an incredible passion for what she does. She was 100% supportive of the birth plan I wished to have. Easy to talk to and get a hold of. I had the birth I wanted to have with her support and encouragement. If your looking for someone knowledgeable, kind, caring and supportive Jodie is it!! I can’t say enough good things about her. My experience was truly amazing and Jodie will always have a special place in my heart with the birth of my daughter."

-Laura (second baby, hospital birth)

maternity center

"Jodie was a great resource leading up to and during my labor. She was always willing to go the extra mile and checked in on me often leading up to my labor to ensure my comfort was priority. She always had a positive attitude which was invaluable during my son's birth. Thank you Jodie for all of your support to me and my family!"


-Chelsea  (first baby, home birth transfer)


"Jodie was an INCREDIBLE research, doula and now friend. I was given her name and contact information from our birth center and from the moment I contacted Jodie it was as if her and I knew each other for years. She spoke to me like a friend would with so much support and guidance just in the process of even TALKING about having her as a possible doula. She was fast in her responses via email and text and has walked alongside me since our first conversation (which lasted over an hour getting to know each other via phone!). My husband and I booked Jodie for a birthing consult and she came to our house prepared with tons of resources and helpful information to guide us on our journey of natural child birth. She met us with where we were and continued to stress that no question was not worth asking. She's a wealth of knowledge and someone that just cares about how to create the most ideal birthing scenario that we were envisioning. Thanks to Jodie my husband and I feel confident and even more excited for this journey and we know Jodie is right alongside us the entire time. I highly recommend using Jodie in your birthing journey and thank you Jodie, for being such an integral part of our lives."


-Carrie (first baby, cesarean birth)

doula birth center labor

"The pressure to my hips during contractions and warm water poured over my shoulders and back helped me stay fully relaxed, calm and comfortable. It was truly a blessing to have Jodie attend my birth and have her helpful suggestions. Because this was my fourth baby I was certain I wouldn't need the suggestions! I was wrong! If I were having more babies I'd have Jodie at every birth. This is definitely her calling!"


-Pauline (fourth baby, birth center birth)


"I am so thankful that Jodie was able to be there for my third and last birth, exactly one month ago. I have two older sons, who were both natural births with a midwife along with the support of my husband, sister and best friend. Jodie is a dear friend that was able to fill the spot for my best friend, who could not attend my third son's birth. Leading up to his birth, she gave me great recommendations for the tough side effects of pregnancy. I started with contractions that lasted all night, but died off the next day. I went to see her that evening and she used essential oils on a few pressure points. My contractions started back up right away and continued to get stronger, until I had my son about 8 hours later. During my delivery at the birth center, she was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. She brought a much-needed peace to the room, and even stepped back to take some incredible pictures while my sister and husband supported me in the final stretch of the delivery. I cannot say enough good things about Jodie, and how glad I am that she was able to be part of my third pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery. Thank you, Jodie!"

-Ruth (third baby, birth center birth)


"We met with Jodie for a labor preparation consult and she was extremely helpful. She gave us practical tips for laboring well, working with the hospital, pain management, and even some guidance on newborn care. It was nice to meet with someone who is so supportive and knowledgeable, especially as a first time parent."


-Amanda (first baby, hospital birth)


"Jodie helped us welcome our first baby boy last week and we are SO happy we decided to make Jodie part of our birth experience. From the time we met during my pregnancy to becoming a first time mom, she has provided a wealth of information and resources that were truly invaluable. She has so much personal experience herself and she has a natural way of making you feel at ease and comfort you during labor. She has a kind heart and will go above and beyond for you in big and little ways. We couldn't be happier with our experience. We have already recommended her to other families and I truly hope they make her part of their birth experience too!"

-Dakota (First baby, hospital birth)


"Jodie was absolutely awesome. I couldn't of gone through this process without her. She has the sweetest personality and she is so calming. There were times when I was completely stressed about my pregnancy and she brought me right back into a good head space. If you are looking for a doula please don't hesitate... she was a true blessing to me and my family and helped me bring my baby boy into the world."


-Lenara (third baby, cesarean birth)

Reading Hospital Doula Client

"I highly recommend Jodie! She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She was a huge support to us and I am so thankful we chose her as our doula."


-Michelle (fourth baby, hospital birth)

kangaroo care in labor in delivery

"Jodie is an amazing doula and my husband and I were so glad to have her aid with the labor of our daughter, Keira. She was extremely supportive through the whole process and has a very calming presence."

- Meghan (first baby, hospital birth)

babywearing and attachment parenting help

"Jodie stepped in and was a tremendous help with prenatal and postpartum assistance! I would recommend her to anyone who wants a knowledgeable doula who will go above and beyond to help you have the birth of your dreams! She is a delightful individual and a pleasure to work with! ... This photo is of our first baby wear after our "lesson" with Jodie!"

-Veronica (first baby, hospital birth)

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