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About Me


Hello! I'm Jodie Whitcombe. I am a childbirth educator, doula, and lover of adventure.  I spend most of my time at my home in Reading, Pennsylvania with my littles and my parter-in-chaos. Going on walks, learning new things, and spending time with friends keeps me sane through this fun and messy stage of life. 


I attended Misericorida University and achieved an associates. Like many young adults I spent my college years switching majors and trying to find my passion. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my first child that it clicked inside me: I needed to work with mommas and babies! I have spent the last eleven years growing, birthing, and mothering my five children. Each of their pregnancies, labors, and births were different. Some experiences were more challenging than others, but I will always treasure each birth story.


I have spent my spare time in motherhood reading blogs and books about pregnancy and birth, listening to podcasts, and talking about birth with anyone who will share their experiences. I studied and completed my certification as a doula through Birth Arts International. A few years after becoming a birth doula I went on to become a childbirth educator with the International Childbirth Educator Association. I strive to be always learning and growing as a mother and birth worker.

A doula breastfeeding her newborn
Jodie Whitcombe pregnant in fourth trimester
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